The University of Montana's "Big Give" is a yearly occurrence that takes place towards the end of the winter season. It's the largest fundraiser of the year for the University's Athletics Department.

It's the time of year for Griz fans to say "thanks" to Montana for providing them a hell of a year of athletics that, as Montana Athletic Director Kent Haslam pointed out, included a soccer Conference Championship and a football Conference Championship and runner-up performance. Plus, both basketball teams are gearing up as we speak for a tournament title and a bid to the NCAA Tournament this weekend.

Even before this year's Big Give, Haslam mentioned the last three years raised over 350 thousand dollars for Montana's student-athletes.
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Holy Toledo, Batman! Almost 200 thousand dollars raised going towards the athletes at the University of Montana is bonkers.

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But very cool that we have a fan base that cares that much (and a fan base that has some disposable income). 

The Montana Grizzlies Twitter page broke down the amount fundraised by sports and organizations. These might not be the final numbers as it was tweeted two hours before the end of the Big Give but it's close to accurate.

Softball: $102,000
Lady Griz: $23,925
Success Fund: $11,250
Football: $8,100
GSA: $6,620

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It's incredible to see women's sports receiving a hefty majority of the Big Give funds. Hell yes, Griz fans.

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