A different venue, but an eerily similar vibe to last Saturday.

The Montana Grizzly football team, facing yet another game without their starting quarterback, could not solve the dominant Weber State defensive schemes, mustering a modest number of total yards and not being able to move the ball, especially in the second half.

Weber State's two big plays on offense, a 47-yard touchdown run and 69-yard touchdown pass, we more than enough, as the Wildcats controlled the latter stages of the game. While the Griz, minus their team leader on defense, linebacker Patrick O'Connell, held up extremely well, the Montana offense never gave them any rest.

The Wildcats jumped out to a 24-13 lead with about 6 minutes to play. They risked a kick return by Montana's Malik Flowers, who made them pay. 102 yards later, the score was 24-19. The 2-point conversion attempt was successful, but the Griz could never get the ball back, as Weber State ran out the clock to take the 24-21 win.

This is just Montana's second 3-game losing streak in 30 seasons. There is not time to lament. We have a 6;00 p.m. home game to prepare for next Saturday against Cal Poly.

The Griz fall to 5-3 on the season.

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