Why spend all that $$$ on traveling when we already live in paradise? Not to mention how annoying flying can be, with the over-the-top security measures, lines and hoops you must jump through only to be seated next to someone who has the newest variant of omicron. Miss me with that junk— I'm staying in Missoula this summer, and if you are too, here's some tips on where to go to get the best day off possible.

The Clark Fork River

Light on the Clark Fork
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We'll start with the obvious here, large bodies of water are essential for a day off, even if you don't actually jump in. Take a stroll through Caras Park with it's new, wide sidewalk and enjoy the scenery.

Stave and Hoop


Why settle for a bar, restaurant or venue when you can get all three in one place? Stave and Hoop is Missoula's only speakeasy, no password required. Their classy interior enhances any show they host, and the shows are great. They've got dueling pianos, burlesque shows, stand-up comedy and more.

Westside Lanes and Fun Center


Candy Crush on your phone has nothing on this place. Go bowling, do some karaoke or grab the joystick and get to gaming. Sure, you can play another round of Angry Birds by yourself on the couch, but will you get ribbons of tickets when you win? I think not.

Ogren Park Allegiance Field


The Home of The Paddleheads. It's easy to be a fan of a team this great, after all, they won the Pioneer League Championship not once, not twice, but a whopping SIX times, most recently in 2021. Ogren Park Allegiance Field also hosts outdoor movie nights and MMA fights via Fusion Fight League.

The Roxy Theater


See a movie or event in style. The Roxy Theater won The Missoulian's award for best downtown business of 2022, and it's no wonder why. There are screenings 7 days a week, often with classic, indie and foreign movies you won't see anywhere else in Missoula. The theater was founded in 1937, so heading there to see a flick is practically a Montana tradition.

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