If you had a chance to make the U.S. Open, could you do it?

I'm going to make up your mind and say no... no you couldn't.


Some golfers, however, have the talent to pull it off. Last weekend, the Missoula Country Club played host to a U.S. Open local qualifier. The tournament gives local(ish) athletes a chance for the U.S. Open Final Qualifying round. 40 golfers tried their hands at Missoula Country Club last weekend and only two advanced to the final stage.

Scottsdale native Dillon Dean and Spokane, Washington's Nate Plaster.

Credit: Nick Dietzen, MT State Golf Association
Credit: Nick Dietzen, MT State Golf Association

Plaster advanced to the final round of U.S. Open qualifying by winning a sudden-death playoff hole, according to a press release from the Montana State Golfers Association (MSGA). Plaster is a senior at Washington State University.

18 Montanans were competing for their shot at the U.S. Open Final Qualifier, and we definitely wanted them to win, but we're happy for our neighbor to the West.

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The Missoula-Spokane connection is strong. Go back to 1974 when Montanans flocked to Spokane to check out the International Exposition on the Environment.

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Missoula and Spokane are intertwined with the U.S. Postal Service deciding on whether or not to move its distribution center from MSO to SPO... I don't think that one is that fun to talk about though...

And of course, we have the power couple of Spokane's Sydney Sweeney and Missoula's Ace Sauerwein.

Credit: Jon Kopaloff (Getty Images)
Credit: Jon Kopaloff (Getty Images)

Ok, that last one is a lie.

Anyways, congrats to Nate Plaster, and good luck in the U.S. Open Final Qualifier.

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