Whether your magic words are "hocus pocus" or "azarath metrion zinthos" (Teen Titans, anyone?) it's fun to get witchy, especially around this time of year and in a fairytale land like Missoula. Red and golden leaves, treacherous mountains and flowing rivers that compliment your autumn aesthetic. This place has everything you need to embrace your inner sorcereress or sorcerer, here are some activities you can vibe to between your manifestation rituals.

Get In Touch With Nature

Autumn is maybe the most beautiful season in Missoula, so take a stroll through the university, Greenough Park or along the Clark Fork River. There's also the Turner Farms Pumpkin Patch— and Instagram loves pumpkins, so take some pics.

The next full moon is on Sunday, 10/09/22, with luck the sky will be clear so we can see it in all its glory.

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Seasonal Nourishment

We love our pumpkin spice in Montana, maybe more than people in any other state. Here's DJ Benny Edwin's latest pumpkin spice latte review, which includes links to his other PSL reviews for coffee places in Missoula. For sweets, I recommend Crumbl Cookies. I recently had their caramel pumpkin cookie, which has a "smooth caramel cream cheese frosting, and a delightful sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice." I don't have a food reviewer's vocabulary so I'll just say "it was absolutely delicious."

Missoula At Night

There's plenty of upcoming, live entertainment that fits the fall mood. October 28th and 29th there are four performances of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Wilma.  October 29th is also the night of Grotesque Burlesque Carnival of Flesh at The Dark Horse, if you like metal. For a lighter variety of rock, check out Spafford at The Top Hat. The first lyric of this Spafford song is "When fall begins..." so I thought I'd share it with you.

Missoula Pride Parade 2022

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