This weekend the 2-0 Montana Grizzlies square off against Division 2 powerhouse Ferris State. Kickoff is slated for 6 pm and once the sun goes down Washington-Grizzly turns into a black hole.

Fans are encouraged to wear all black to blend into the Black Out. The team will don special black uniforms, which were revealed earlier this week.


The black out uniforms look great and so far the fans think so too. Nearly 50 percent of people voted them 5/5 in the article listed above. The (almost) all-black unis will look incredible against the backdrop of an all-black Washington-Grizzly Stadium, but it got me thinking of other alternate jerseys I'd like to see back in the fold. We have seen:

  • Black outs
  • A variety of maroon uniforms
  • A variety of white jerseys
  • All greys

But there's one that sticks out in my mind...


Grizzly Athletics switched from maroon and silver to copper and gold in 1968 and used them through the mid-nineties. The "old school" uniforms were inspired by "the state's mining history." Even though the original colors were maroon and silver, the copper and gold combination is considered the old-school look.

Back in 2008, the Griz put on the copper and gold for Griz-Cat. At the time it was the first time circa the 1995 National Championship game we saw copper and gold on the field for the Griz.
Cred: University of Montana Athletics
Dave Dickinson (1995) (Cred: University of Montana Athletics)

Heck, the University should even bring them back for basketball. Take a look at this young man.

1991 Montana Grizzlies copper uniforms byu/Schmoopee inCollegeBasketball

That young man is current Men's Basketball Head Coach Travis Decuire during his playing days.

Finances are always a hiccup when it comes to these things, but we need to bring the copper and golds into a yearly rotation. Make it a "throwback" weekend every year to wear these beauts. It has a strong nostalgia pull to it as well. Everyone gets to relive the olden days through the copper and golds.

Despite the love for copper and golds, Montana should keep its primary colors as maroon and silver. Use copper and gold on a throwback basis and then we have the best of both worlds.

Go Griz.

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