Chris Vannini with The Athletic published an article yesterday discussing rumblings of potential college football playoff changes. Vannini heard the Group of 5 (G5) FBS Conferences - American, Conference USA, MAC, Mountain West and Sun Belt - are exploring constructing a playoff system solely for G5 teams.

"Multiple administrators within the G5 conferences... told The Athletic that former college and NFL coach Derek Dooley has been the salesman on behalf of private equity firms, making contact with schools," Vannini reported.

What does that mean for FBS Football?

The G5 conferences could control their playoff destiny. The College Football Playoff (CFP) is expanding to 12 teams for the upcoming season giving the highest-ranked G5 team an automatic bid to the CFP. It's an upgrade from the 4-team Playoff we've seen in years past. In the ten years of the 4-team CFP, only one G5 team made the Playoff (Cincinnati in 2022).

That's it. The rest have been the Alabamas, Florida States, Georgias, Ohio States and Michigans of the world. Even though this expansion will give the little guys a fighting chance, the alteration gave the G5 athletic directors a wake-up call. One anonymous G5 AD told The Athletic they aren't going to stand idle and let the big schools dictate college football.

The CFP would continue with the big boys, but this new G5 playoff proposal would set up another bracket that would, technically, be in between the CFP and the FCS Playoffs. It would give Colorado State, Fresno State, Liberty, App State and other smaller football programs a fighter's shot at a "National Championship."

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A new playoff bracket would, in my mind, diminish the value of bowl games even further. They have already been under ridicule in recent years because of players opting out of bowls and an oversaturation of bowl games. If the G5 broke away from attending bowl games then the bowl system could be in trouble.

What does it mean for Montana or FCS schools?

A G5 playoff system would entice FCS schools to leap to the FBS level even more. We're already seeing a plethora of teams departing to the FBS. James Madison, App State, Delaware, Coastal Carolina, Liberty, Sam Houston and others have already made the jump in the last decade.

All schools that have had success at the FCS level.

Other successful powerhouses like Montana, Montana State, North Dakota State and South Dakota State make sense to step up if there's a G5 playoff bracket instead of meaningless bowls.

I've heard Griz fans say "Why would we play at the FBS level if the crown jewel is going to the Pop-Tart Bowl or the Cheez-Itz Bowl?"

It's a fair point.

If there is a G5 playoff where a team can crown themselves the little guy national champions then I would love if Montana found themselves at the FBS level. There are logistics that would need to be addressed, but from an entertainment standpoint, it would be a no-doubter. Plus, if the Griz finish as the highest-rated G5 team then we could find the Griz playing for the CFP National Championship against the SEC, Big 10, ACC and Big 12.

How great would that be? Montana challenging Ole Miss in Oxford in the 5 VS 12 matchup of the CFP would be incredible.

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