There seems to be a resurgence of interest in famous serial killers lately. Ever since the Jeffery Dahmer series was released on Netflix, we have seen lots of people on social media using the show to scare their friends. Or even dressing up like Dahmer and pranking family members. But, where is all the hype about America's first serial killer, H.H. Holmes?

Imagine you are looking for a place to stay during a long road trip through Colorado. All the hotels are booked and you can't stand the thought of having to drive through the night. You come across a hotel in Victor, CO that specializes in serial killer-themed rooms. Would you make your reservation or would you continue on the road?

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The Hotel is called The Black Monarch Hotel, in Victor, CO and it is rumored to be a haunted hotel. Ghosts of the wild west are claimed to wander the halls, even after a fire ravaged the entire town in 1899.

But that isn't the only scary part. During a recent remodel, the owners decided to pay homage to some very creepy serial killers. Killers such as America's first serial killer, H.H. Holmes. The H.H. Holmes room has "drawings of his home and photographs of the perpetrator himself. Newspaper stories also decorate the room along with medical drawings and various odd antiques."

Or if a more sinister room is what you are looking for, try the Countess Báthory room. The Hungarian Countess secured her place in history by tormenting and killing more than 600 women in the late 1500s and early 1600s. Báthory allegedly bathed in their blood to retain a youthful appearance. According to the room is "complete with a blood-red wall and a portrait of Báthory in the room. A taxidermy bat in front of a red backdrop also adorns the wall, as does an antelope skull. The bed has black sheer curtains surrounding it and dark bedding."

If you are interested in a getaway to Victor, CO, the rooms are available on Air BNB for as little as $34 a night.

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