Full disclosure: We did not coin the term "Granny Hobby." So hopefully nobody takes offense to the seasoned generation reference.

Maybe old-school hobbies is a better fit. Timeless activities like gardening, crafting, and knitting. Well, those and many more have seen a surge in popularity over the past few years, especially among younger generations who identify as "old souls in young bodies".

So says our buddy Matt Zajechowski, with northstarinbound.com, a site that provides interesting research content ranging from music for more work productivity to red flag phrases on dating apps to most annoying coworker habits, to more important issues of the day, such as messages of hope for the people of Ukraine.

Matt passed along to us a recent survey that was asked of people under the age of 40 about their most “granny-like” hobbies, and found that residents of Montana are among the most interested in these traditional hobby trends nationwide. In fact, only Maine and Vermont showed more interest than Montana, so we carry the torch for the west!

According to a Solitaire Bliss survey, what came in first among Montanans surveyed might surprise you.

Gardening? Scrapbooking? Stamp collecting? Antiquing? Those and more fall under the category Granny Hobbies by the survey's definition. But no. Montana is one of 15 states who said their favorite Granny Hobby is....embroidering.

All of the above scored high on the list of favorites, too. But Montana apparently has a lot embroidery fans among younger generations. And why not? Like so many hobbies, benefits include stress relief and fostering of creativity.

Among other western states, Wyoming has a thing for quilting. Idaho shares Montana's embroidering passion. North Dakota favors coupons. South Dakota digs scrapbooks. But then we get to Washington, Oregon and Nevada, who all claim that their favorite Granny Hobby is...tea drinking. WHAAAATTTT? Should that even be on any hobby list?

Well, who are we to judge? Whatever your old-school hobbies might be, continue to enjoy them to their fullest for all the therapeutic benefits they provide.

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