There are many reasons we live here in Montana. Some of those reasons we take for granted on a daily basis. We sometimes forget that we are practically living in a post card. The beautiful surroundings we see everyday, are sometimes just forgotten. Only to be missed when you roam outside of the state. If you venture somewhere else in this country, it doesn't take long for you to start to miss the beautiful scenery and wide open spaces of western Montana. But, venture to a large/congested city, and it doesn't take long for you to literally go insane from the amount of noise pollution.

Recently, the career building website Zippia crunched the numbers and data to find the loudest and quietest states in the country. According to their study: used there data for average home size. From there, we used Census data to find the average number of people living in homes in each state. From there, we found the number of cars registered per square mile, since some states like Wyoming have a high number of cars per resident but a lot of space to drive those cars without vrooming up the streets. 

So what states might require noise drowning headphones or ear plugs?

The top 5 are:

New Jersey
Rhode Island

Thankfully, Montana made the bottom of the list. Meaning we are by far the quietest state in the country. With an average house size of 2,040. Only 7 people per square mile. And, only 3 cars per square mile.

Just another reason it is good living in Montana.

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