Believe it or not GRIZZLY FOOTBALL is almost here!!!! You can almost hear the "squeal of the pig float on the air; From the tummy of the Grizzly Bear." 

COVID robbed us of our 2020 fall season. A spring 2021 season was created, but many Big Sky Conference teams chose to save their energy for fall. Thankfully, we did get our share of fall football last year. Now, we are looking at getting completely back to normal for the Fall of 2022, with six home games planned, including a night game in November.

Tickets for the 2022 Fall Griz Football season are on sale now. Single-game tickets go on sale on July 26th.

Right now you can take advantage of the Roaming Griz Packages as well as season tickets and 3-game mini-plans. Roaming Griz season ticket packages (these are at a great price) guarantees you reserved tickets. The condition is they are issued in the best remaining seats available, so you you never know where you might be sitting. 3-game mini-plans are a great way to save money. Plus, you get your choice of which of the 6 home games you want to attend.

To secure your tickets online visit, email, or call the Adams Center Ticket Office at 1-888-MONTANA.

Another thing that is way overdue, getting back to the normal routine of poking fun at those POOR BOBCATS. Just last year, Griz Nation posted the results of a study that shows the most hated college football team in every state. Not sure what the demographic was, or how many people they surveyed, but the results seem legit. I mean if you had to choose a team to hate, why not go with the tried and true option?


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