Not that you need another reason to visit Washington-Grizzly Stadium this fall, but here's one for you anyways.

Theme nights.

All the maroon outs, salutes to service and educator days are coming back to Wa-Griz this year. Griz Football released its 2024 promotional themes schedule last weekend with some familiar themes from years past. Last year, the theme I was most interested in was the black out game. The University unveiled blackout uniforms that I thought would be a huge hit, but there were plenty of individuals who DISLIKED the idea with a capital 'D.'

  • "I think it's a really dumb idea! I am not a fan of it." - Hertha
  • "Leave this other BS in darkness away from view." - Nancy
  • "It will look like no one is in the stands on TV since it's a night game." - Brandon

There will be negativity over any new tradition, but there were folks with positive opinions. For the record, I was on board with the black alternate uniforms and blacking out Wa-Griz. Black outs are always awesome, except the ones after a few too many cocktails... hey oh! The all-black uniforms are so sweet, in fact, they were up for an award earlier this year.

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I have a full gallery from last year's Black Out game below.

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Well, fans can rejoice, or they can complain again because the Black Out is BACK. The season opener against Missouri State on August 31 will feature an all-black Wa-Griz. If you've got your black Griz gear then bust it out for the season opener to celebrate last year's title game run and to cheer on the current squad's year.

Here's the rest of the 2024 Game Themes list:

  • Black Out/Educators Day (August 31 VS Missouri State)
  • Salute to Service (September 14 VS Moorehead State)
  • Family Weekend/Stripe The Stadium (September 21 VS Western Carolina)
  • Hall of Fame Game/"Think Pink" (October 5 VS Weber State)
  • Homecoming (October 12 VS Northern Arizona)
  • First Responders Game/Native American Heritage (November 9 VS UC Davis)
  • Senior Day/Maroon Out (November 16 VS Portland State)

I'm excited for the "Stripe The Stadium" day this year. Those stadium designs can make any stadium pop. See Penn State's Happy Valley below.

Penn State VS Michigan in 2023 (Credit: Scott Taetsch w/Getty Images)
Penn State VS Michigan in 2023 (Credit: Scott Taetsch w/Getty Images)

Let us know which day you're most excited or least excited about.

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