Saying goodbye to a loved pet is unfortunately something most of us have gone through. Burying them in the backyard is "normal", but what about something bigger, like an elephant?

This is a true story. I had to research it a few times to actually get on board. It turns out there is an elephant graveyard at the Beaverhead County Fairgrounds in Dillion, Montana.

Back in 1943, the town of Dillion was excited to see Ballet of the Elephants" in the Cole Brothers Circus. A show that would probably blow your mind in 2022 if you lived in a small town in Montana, so I can't imagine how completely stoked they were in 1943. It would have to be like seeing an alien, right?

Anyway, all the elephants were lined up and ready to rock at the fairgrounds entrance just as a thunderstorm started to roll through. You can see where this is going. Lightning struck the first row of elephants that were ready to perform. All the elephants returned to their giant feet. All except one. A sweet younger elephant named "Petite".

This was a pretty big problem. I mean the size and weight alone of the animal was a logistical nightmare to move. As the saying goes "the show must go on". The fair organizers covered Petite with a large tarp until the show was over. Then came the problem of moving the animal. They came up with the solution to just bury Petite there in the fairgrounds where she still resides today.

If you visit the Beaverhead County Fairgrounds you will see a square blue fence with a tree in the middle. This is a memorial and final resting place of Petite.

Montana sure has some crazy, one-of-a-kind stories..


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