If astrology isn't real, explain how October 22nd through November 21st has an undeniable scorpion-ness. You can't— and therefore your birthday defines your personality. Jokes aside, you can see the mood of Scorpio season in two of the major events that happens during this time of year. Halloween fits the mood because Scorpio season has this dark, mysterious quality to it. It's also associated with intense sexual desires, same as Allhallows Eve. Scorpio is also associated with the will to power, so it might not be a coincidence that we have elections during Scorpio's time.

Unique to this year, we have a new moon solar eclipse on October 25th and a full moon lunar eclipse on November 8th. Eclipses are about transformation, the end of one thing and the beginning of another. Here's what Missoulians can do to navigate the enigmatic Scorpio season of 2022:

Explore Your Dark Side (Safely)

During Scorpio season you may feel drawn to the unusual and to sensual so feel free to attend events like The Goth Ball for some dancing, or headbanging at The Grotesque Burlesque Carnival of Flesh. The Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Wilma should also be a thrill.

Feel The Power

Introspection is common during Scorpio season, particularly around the roll of power in your life. For that reason, now is a great time to focus on your career or education, especially because it can be harder to be productive from Thanksgiving through the New Year. As I mentioned before, it's also election season, which can be stressful. Here's a guide to staying sane during Montana's election season this year.

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