Redshirt Junior Safety Ryder Meyer, originally from Fairfield, Montana, was nice enough to meet after practice for a Q&A session to discuss Griz Football, his journey to Missoula and the University of Montana, the epic contest VS Idaho a few weeks ago, his first career interception, his football career and what he likes to do off the field.

Here's my Q&A with Fairfield native Ryder Meyer

Ace: What did you do during the bye week?
Ryder: Pretty much just caught up on homework. The MBA program is pretty strenuous, so I was able to catch up on some assignments. I was able to watch some college football on Saturday, too.

A: The Idaho game. That was something. The atmosphere, what was it like playing there, what was it like being public enemy #1 in Moscow?
R: That was a really cool experience. We played in the Kibbie Dome a few years back and it was nothing close to that experience. The fans were into it, they were really excited to play Montana and they were loud when we were on defense.

A: Where does that win rank among your favorites?
R: That was probably number 3 on the list. Washington was 1, the neighbors a couple years back and then that Idaho win.

A: Let's talk about the first career pick [Ryder recorded his first collegiate interception VS Idaho]. The tip in the endzone, what were you seeing, what was your reaction? Just kind of take me through the play.
R: I thought he was going to the boundary first, so I took my eyes over there and saw him come back to the field. That play's a credit to Trevin [Gradney]. He made a great play... and I just had to come down with it... I think some of the guys thought I was going to bring it out of the endzone.
A: I thought you were too!
R: I thought better and decided to take a knee to make Coach Hauck happy.

A: You're playing more, you've already recorded 48 [tackles], you've already obliterated your previous high... what's the explanation?
R: I think it's just a credit to the safties we have in the room and then our coaching. The safety room has been loaded ever since I've been in here, so I've been able to watch guys in front of me - see how they practice, see how they play. And then coaching, we work on tackling every day. I really developed into a tackling safety.

A: How about the two-point conversions? You've had a couple already, could have been a third if not for a penalty. Is it just a great play design every time? What's the credit there?
R:  Yeah it's play design. You know putting in something different, give them a new look. We've had great blocking on every play, too. It's credit to those guys doing their job and just allowing me to get in the endzone. They make my job easy.

A: What was it like to play for your dad [legendary high school coach Les Meyer]? What did he teach you along the way?
R: I take a lot of pride being from small town Fairfield, Montana... Playing for my Dad, he was my coach all the way from the time I was little up until coming here. That was just an unbelievable experience. We were able to win a lot of football games together. I was able to watch my brother, too. Learn from him, he was able to develop into a coach, and I was very fortunate to learn from the both of those two.

A: Growing up, were you a lifelong Griz fan just a couple hours from Missoula? I assume Fairfield has to be a pretty heavy Griz town.
R: I would say Fairfield is pretty 50/50, but I was a Griz fan growing up. Me and a couple buddies in the fall wanted to be at Washington-Grizzly. I was actually the kid who sat next to the tunnel and give the players high fives.
A: That's awesome, comes full circle.

A: Off the field interests?
R: I really like hanging out with my buddies. We do everything together. In the winters, we go skiing. In the summers, we hang out at the lakes. I love to hunt, but football season kind of makes it tough, so  I guess that'll be something later.

A: Music tastes?
R: I'm pretty much just straight country.
A: Favorite artist?
R: Riley Green. I like Luke Combs. I'm into George Strait
A: Taylor Swift, is that what I just heard?
R: I like old Taylor Swift, nothing wrong with Taylor Swift.
A: Of course! Who isn't a Swifty nowadays?

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