It was brought to my attention via Twitter/X that a current NFL player and former Super Bowl champ was wearing a Missoula-based shirt.

Speaking of the National Football League and Montana, here's a list of current League players from the Treasure State. The list includes a couple of former Griz, too.

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Philadelphia Eagles Center Jason Kelce shows Zootown some love

All-Pro Center Jason Kelce wore a Mo Club shirt in the trailer for his documentary "KELCE" that's available to watch on Amazon Prime. I tried screenshotting it but it didn't turn out like I'd hoped.

Credit: KELCE - Offical Video (Amazon Prime's Youtube page

It's difficult to see, but Kelce's shirt says...


SINCE 1890



This shirt right here.


Does Jason Kelce have Montana ties?

Jason and his professional football-playing brother Travis are both from Ohio. Both Kelce brothers attended the University of Cincinnati. Obviously, Jason hasn't played professional football in Montana, so where the heck does the connection come from?

I searched his name multiple times, scoured his social media and couldn't find any connections. Does anyone know if this dude has a Montana connection? My best guess is he's an avid outdoorsman, visited Missoula and fell in love with Mo Club. That is just a guess... no idea if there's any validity to it, but he has a burly beard. He looks like a hunter/outdoorsman!

UPDATE: It was pointed out by Sam Livingston on Facebook (thanks Sam!) that Kelce was on the same team as Montanan Tim Hauck. Tim was on the Eagles as a defensive backs coach. Bingo!

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Either way, it's awesome to see the Mo Club and Missoula represented on an NFL field with one of the best centers in the last 20 years.

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