In late 1995, when I worked for KDXT-FM in Missoula, our company moved to a new location. We were very excited to have more space and it was a great location. Not long after moving in, I was told that Wayne Nance used to work in that building too. For those that don't know, Wayne Nance is considered the most prolific serial killer in Montana. I have heard many stories told about him over the years. There was a book written about him by John Coston titled "To Kill and Kill Again: The True Story of Montana's Baby Faced Serial Sex Murderer". Wayne Nance was killed on September 4th 1986. After his death, he was linked by physical evidence to several other crimes in Missoula. He is considered by many to be the most infamous serial killer in Montana.

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My mistake

I made a mistake when we moved the radio stations: I read the book by John Coston. I was an overnight DJ at the time working from 10p until 6am. A lot of times I was the only one in that entire building at night. Also, at the time, overnight DJs had some time on their hands that they could read a book or a magazine in between songs and phone calls. There were very few calls to take between 4am and 6am, so there was time to read. So I read it.


I didn't sleep very well for years after that. As I explored the big building over the years, I saw where there was a little sleeping area and sink in the back of the building. I always wondered if that was where he spent some time. We also had situations at the building where someone would forget to lock a door so I would have to check the building to see if anyone was inside. One time I knew that someone was in the building who wasn't supposed to be there and I called the police. They checked the building out and let the cleaning person next door know that someone may be in the building. As the police spoke to both of us, the cleaning person told us that she used to work with Wayne Nance and she was very scared. After that night I never saw her again.


I can honestly say I was happy when I no longer had to work overnights. Working there during the day was so much better to be surrounded by others. Then I started working early mornings and getting to work in the dark before everyone else. Entering a big dark building by yourself isn't always easy, it keeps you on your toes. Sometimes it is better than a cup of coffee to wake you up. After all these years I sleep a little better. But if you can take one suggestion from me it would be to be careful reading books that can scare you, because you may have years of sleepless nights. Sleep well my friends.

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