The story of the #37 Griz Football jersey is steeped in Montana tradition, and now, one hangs proudly in the local watering hole in the hometown of one of the Grizzlies' most hard-nosed, talented linebackers.

The handing down of the #37 jersey dates back to 1983 when a Griz fullback from Plentywood handed down his number to another talented, tough-as-nails, Montana player. Every year since then, the tradition continues. Last year's honoree, Jace Lewis, donated one of his game jerseys to a local watering hole to thank his hometown.

Jace Lewis hails from Townsend, Montana with a population of around 2000 people. It's an incredibly huge accomplishment to not only play for the Montana Grizzlies but to be honored to wear the coveted #37 jersey. Among these amazing accolades, Jace has also been the recipient of The Big Sky Defensive Player of The Year Award, 1st Team All Big Sky, Big Sky Pre-Season Defensive Player of The Year, and many others.

Now graduated, Jace has recently returned home to give a special gift to the Commercial Bar in Townsend, a historical bar that dates back to the 1800s. It's always been a place for hunters and fisherman alike to meet for a cold one. The various owners through the years have also made it a point to donate to local charities and Townsend booster clubs like the Townsend Bulldog Football Program. Jace has said thank you for all the hometown support in a big way by giving up one of these coveted #37 Griz game-day jerseys.

Courtesy of Commercial Bar
Courtesy of Commercial Bar

This is a pretty big deal not only for what the number and storied past represent, but it really means a lot to a small town like Townsend to know that one of their own went on to do such incredible things for one heck of a football program, not just in Montana, but the nation.

Great job, Jace! Townsend and all of Montana are proud of ya, dude!

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