The FBS College Football Playoff was set in stone earlier this week due to some controversy. There's no question about Michigan and Washington earning spots or even Texas for that matter. Rather it was Alabama clinching the 4th spot over Florida State.

But whatever, that's for the pundits to debate and argue about. We're focusing on the good here. We're focusing on the lone Montanan to make the 2023 CFP. One user on Reddit curated every CFP player's hometown and presented it below. P.S., don't mind the Subreddit's page name... there's nothing NSFW about it. 

The hometowns of every player in this year's College Football Playoff [OC]
byu/charlie1000r inMapPorn

First off, I appreciate u/Charlie1000r for producing this map. It's an awesome visual. Only one dot in the state of Montana and he plays for the Washington Huskies. Montana has just one (find out below who it is), but these 5 states will regularly produce the best college football athletes.

The 5 States That Produce Best College Football Players

When it comes to college football, five states produce more elite talent than the rest.

Gallery Credit: Scott Prather

Now, for the lone Montanan in the CFP...

Missoula's own Camden Sirmon

The 6-0 wide receiver from Missoula Sentinel High School is the lone rep in the final four. Sirmon graduated from Sentinel in 2021, but he's originally from Wenatchee, Washington. He is listed as a sophomore but is in his third season as a Washington Huskie. 

In his three years in Seattle, Sirmon recorded 2 receptions in 11 career games. He has played in 6 conference games this year.

Camden's brother Cy Sirmon played at the University of Montana from 2015-2019 as an offensive lineman. His sister, Claire, was on the Washington Rowing team, his dad was a quarterback at Idaho for 4 years and his cousin Jacob is the quarterback at Northern Colorado this year.

It's a football family across the board for the Sirmons.

Good luck to Camden and the Huskies when they battle Texas on New Year's Day in the Sugar Bowl. Horns down!

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