You can say a lot of things about Missoula, one of those is it’s a good-sized city. Lot’s of room to roam about. In order to do that properly, you need good footwear, and you can tell a lot about someone living in Missoula by the shoes they wear.

I mentioned proper shoes. High heels and stilettos do not at all mean proper in the way of being perfectly suitable for tackling the terrain on Mount Sentinel's " M" trail or foam flip-flops while pouring concrete slabs on a job site.

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Yes, it's been done, it's Montana! What can you tell about someone living in Missoula by looking at these shoes?

Living in Missoula? What Your Shoe Choices Say by Looking at Them

It's been said that, "The Belt has to match the Shoes." So we want to know, do the shoes have to match the Town?

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