It's a popular gimmick across high school and college football, and it's finally coming to Missoula. I talk, of course, about the home of the Prince of Darkness, the void of all light matter, and total darkness. I give you...


And before you get the idea to crush a 30-rack of Busch Light, Red Dog or whatever cheap beer is consumed nowadays, we're not talking about the alcohol-induced blackout. No sir/ma'am, we're talking about 25 thousand raving fans in Washington-Grizzly Stadium dawning all black in the middle of a Missoula September night.

On September 16, Washington-Grizzly Stadium will be blacked out for their evening game against Ferris State. It's the first time EVER in the history of Griz Football that the team will dawn black uniforms to match the black hole in the stands. How does a black out stand up against other stadium gimmicks?

Black Out VS Maroon Out

Last year, Montana hosted Northwestern State to open the year in a Maroon Out. The year before they hosted Western Illinois in a Maroon Out, too. They was solid, but even for non-color-coordinated games fans normally wear maroon. It still looks great and is uniting but not that much different than a typical Saturday. Fans wearing black? Now that is different, intimidating and a visual spectacle.

Black Out VS White Out

Hunter Martin, Getty Images
Hunter Martin, Getty Images

White outs have the same effect as a black out. Look at Happy Valley's white out for example. It's unifying, it's intimidating and it looks downright awesome. They both have their advantages. White outs, probably, look better on camera but black outs are incredibly intimidating. I mean, crazy intimidating. It sucks in all colors on the spectrum. How can you not be mesmerized by that?

Black outs, white outs, and maroon outs are all great, but I'm looking forward to this year's black out. It's new and man, I love wearing black. I already have my outfit picked out...

Ok, maybe not but I am thinking about it.

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