We continue our "Rest In Peace, Sports Illustrated" tour after the longtime sports magazine laid off its entire staff last week. It probably signals the demise of S.I., unfortunately.

With the sad news, we looked back at the time Carroll College, yes Montana's Carroll College, made the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2007 with a badass picture. That wasn't the only time Montana left its imprint on the cover of the publishing mogul.

Today, January 24, the Twitter page of the late Evel Knievel tweeted out this blast from the past.

"When Sports Illustrated was at the top of their game... (and Martha Stewart was only 33 years old) #evelknievel #sportsillustrated #1970s #history"

Martha Stewart seemed like a pull out of left field. Did they date? Were they friends? Am I just young and ignorant?

Anyway, the picture of Knievel is set in front of the Grand Canyon, according to Sports Illustrated's archives. The feature article was about Knievel's attempt at launching himself via rocket over the Grand Canyon.

They are going to shoot him out over this great gash in the earth, and he is either going to live or he is going to die. - Robert F. Jones. "Make it or Break it." Sports Illustrated September 2, 1974.

According to the article, Knievel conjured the idea to jump the Canyon at a saloon in Kalispell with his buddy.

All great ideas stem from beer, especially ones that involve the possibility of accidentally killing yourself in the Grand Canyon.

Unfortunately, our good friend Mr. Knievel, born in Butte, Montana, never made the jump due to air space restrictions. A few weeks after this issue of Sports Illustrated was published, a follow-up article explained why he couldn't make the jump in detail. His son, however, did!


Good lord, you have to have some serious nerves to do that.

If you want to read the full story on Papa Knievel's attempt at the Grand Canyon, there's an awesome piece in Sports Illustrated archives you can find here. 

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