Or the terrific "Missoula VS Bozeman" package from last year's Brawl of the Wild.

The idea was brought to life by an intern with the videography department Taylor Denton. He said he has seen it used on other sports and wanted to try it on basketball.

"A lot of gym videos, a lot of, like, pretty much any sport has done it before. I've seen football. They'll just track the football in the middle of the frame," said Denton.

Denton explained how it works because we all know I'm not smart enough to describe it. 

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"Basically what I did is I went up to, like, the top row of the stands in the arena, and I just filmed like I normally would. I only had a 70mm lens on my camera," described Denton. "Once I [filmed], I took it into a program called After Effects. After Effects has this effect called 'tracking.' Basically, it does a pretty good job tracking an item or subject when the subject is fully in frame."

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The basketball provided some issues as it kept disappearing behind players making some extra work for Denton. 

"I pretty much had to go in frame by frame in this 30 second clip, and just, like, rematch the square and rematch the tracking for the entirety for the clip."

We're glad you put the work in, Taylor, because the videos turned out great.

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