While it certainly can't compete with an elephant on the loose in Butte, it was still enough to get authorities to take some precautions.

There's nothing uncommon about larger wildlife roaming around Montana cities. Last week was no exception, as wildlife control personnel in Helena had to do some hazing to make sure students at Helena Capital High School were not in harm's way. And if they had not been sheltered for a while, there could have been issues, as the animal control officer himself had to get some police backup.

The Helena Independent Record reported that a nuisance cow moose caused a temporary shelter-in-place order at the school, until it could finally be chased a safe distance away. The moose had been seen often during the past week in the Lewis and Clark County Fairgrounds area.


The animal control officer tried to get the moose to be on her way with a series of loud noises. That got the critter agitated enough to repeatedly charge at him. That's when it was time to call for some police assistance. The urban wildlife officer described her to the Independent Record as a "stubborn and mangy old cow moose." (Wonder if she heard that, got offended and then charged.)

Authorities teamed up and finally got the moose a safe distance from the school, and by now she is no doubt a social media sensation in Helena. The animal control officer also pointed out that, while it is a blessing to live in an area where wildlife can be experienced, the moose could also pose a danger to the public.

Hopefully this one is not too human-conditioned.

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