Excuse the bolded all caps above, but this it's crucial that you don't miss that reminder. I made a list of some gift ideas with links to websites with Montana-made products in case you'd like to ship them to her— they probably won't arrive on time but it's the thought that counts. Here's some gift ideas for your Montana mom:

Throw Blanket

A gift to keep her warm.

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Despite what you may have thought when you were 6-years old, socks make a great gift.


Because we all like shiny things, even moms.

Cute Sign

This one says "I love you more than I can bear" and it has a picture of a mama bear on her cub on it. I'm not crying, you're crying.

Hanging Flower Basket

The gardening moms will love this gift.

Coffee Mug

When she sips that morning brew, she'll think of you.

Coffee Beans

Tastes like love.

Huckleberry Jam

In a cute lil jar too? That's quality.


Because you're such a sweet child.


I was assured by my coworkers this morning that "moms love knives" so I'll take their word for it. There's a custom knife show and sale in Missoula starting this Friday if you can make the drive.


For a bond stronger than a cast-iron pan.


It's refreshing, just like a nice hug.

Dog Bed

Sure, mom won't be using it herself, but she might appreciate how much her dog loves it.


For the artsy mom.

Coloring book

Am I reaching here? I think this gift could bring back some beloved memories.

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