Montana is a romantic place, I even wrote an article about how it's the most-romantic state in the whole country, and why Montana would be the best setting for a romantic comedy. I'll admit, it's not perfect— Wallet Hub ranked Montana as one of the worst states for singles, one of the more obvious reasons being that it's got a small population relative to it's size, meaning that people are more spread out which makes dating on apps difficult. I also think first dates can be a challenge in the Treasure State. Here's a few hypothetical cringey dates in Montana, with a true story at the end for extra cringe:

Steak-Dinner Date

A Montana steakhouse can be a fantastic setting for the first date. A restaurant can be a topic of conversation for a potential couple trying to break the ice, and enjoying delicious food can be a bonding experience... as long he doesn't order his steak well done, that is, like some kind of tasteless goon.

Ski Date

It can be hot to hit the slopes before hitting the bedroom, but know you're one fall away from hitting the emergency room instead.

False-Montanan Date

This article has the signs you were born in Montana, and some of them are hard to fake. Next time someone wearing a cowboy hat says they're from Manhattan, maybe inquire further to see if they mean the one in New York.

Shooting-Range Date

It's easy to talk a big game, but backing that up at the range is where the skill comes in. The rule of thumb is that if you say you can shoot like John Wick, you better have better aim than a stormtrooper.

Bingo Date (True Story)

My coworker KC told me about this one and I just about cringed into oblivion. Apparently he was hosting trivia one night and a guy, let's call him Bob, shouted "bingo" on accident. Well apparently the rule was that if you make that mistake, you have to take a tequila shot off of KC's stomach as a punishment. Well, Bob obliged (ewwwww) but when he got back to his seat, the woman he had entered with for a first date was gone. Uh... I can't really blame her, but I still feel way sorry for the Bob. On the plus side KC said he got some free drinks out of it and was a good sport, but wow.

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