As Montana starts to come out of our winter and we dust off the "cabin fever," we will be attending more events outdoors. Festivals, concerts, and brew fests will be happening more frequently which means food trucks will be on the roads. There are so many great food trucks in Missoula. It is nice to see some of them move into permanent locations. One such popular food truck might be moving into a more permanent residence.

Missoula Food Truck May Be Getting A Permanent Location

Driving along West Broadway the other day I noticed that there were new signs on the old Headies Brick Oven Pizza location at 1250 West Broadway. There are now two Cruz Tacos signs in the windows. Cruz Tacos is a fantastic food truck that makes some great eats. I have had the privilege of eating their food at many of Missoula's festivals and events, and it is great food. I reached out to Cruz Tacos to verify if they were moving into the location on West Broadway and as of this writing, I have not gotten a response. My hope is that they are moving in and opening shop soon.

What Other Missoula Food Trucks Would You Like to See in Permanent Locations

With the success of Missoula's food trucks more of them are getting permanent locations, like Sonny's Original Cheesesteaks has a location now at 6170 Butler Creek Road. Missoula has some restaurant spaces that have closed that haven't been replaced by other businesses yet. With the community support of these great chefs, cooks, and menus, hopefully, we will be able to see more of our favorite food trucks get permanent locations in Missoula.

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