Update: Carmen Gfeller took to Twitter to share her fundraiser proceeds total $1,500 going towards the YMCA

She is Farmin' Carmen Gfeller.

Montana Lady Griz forward and 6th-year senior Carmen Gfeller is raising money for the local YMCA by selling "Farmin' Carmen" shirts. The nickname comes from her early playing days at the University of Montana.

UM Photo/Tommy Martino
Credit: UM Photo/Tommy Martino

"I had this nickname forever," explained Gfeller. "It started way back in my freshman year... I wish I had a great story for how it started, but I don't remember how it did."

Gfeller didn't remember specifically who gave her the name.

"I don't want to answer this," Gfeller laughed. "I know Coach Jordan Sullivan called me it. Kenzie Johnson. Kylie Frolich."

Where did the T-shirt idea come from?

The nickname's origin is simple. Gfeller grew up on the Gfeller farm in the small-town farming community of Colfax, Washington. Thus "Farmin' Carmen" was born. Gfeller was unsure if last year would be her final year playing for the Griz, so when Senior Night was looming her family made T-shirts to celebrate just in case.

"My sister-in-law made these shirts that had 'Farmin' Carmen' on them. A couple of people saw them when they were wearing them and asked 'where can I get one?"

Credit: Carmen Gfeller
Credit: Carmen Gfeller

The Colfax native didn't feel comfortable selling shirts with her amusing nickname on it to fans. Instead, she developed the idea to sell shirts for the local YMCA.

I spent a bit of time volunteering at the YMCA and have such an appreciation for any group that brings the community together.

Tiny Colfax, population 2,700, didn't have a center like a YMCA, so it means a lot to Gfeller to provide an opportunity as the YMCA does.

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