OH SWEET RELIEF! After weeks of relentless heat and record breaking temperatures, it appears that a small amount of relief is coming. It is something we tend to get fed up with on or around the first part of the year. Something we always complain about, but then pray for. I'm talking about those fluffy gifts from heaven. Snow is coming soon.

Snow possible tonight above 7,000 feet.

For anyone who has escaped the heat by heading to the mountains, you have experienced the clear difference in temperature as you get higher in elevation. For example, while picking huckleberries this summer, we would leave the valley with a 90 degree temperature and eventually be in 75 degree temperatures near the top of the mountain. With a small cold front hitting western Montana, there is a slight possibility that some snow may fall. Overnight temperatures getting down into the upper 30s in the valley. And much cooler on the mountain

According to KPAX

Recent models show cold enough temperatures to actually bring a little light snow to the mountains in Glacier National Park Thursday night into Friday morning. Snow amounts will be very light, but it will be quite a shock compared to the record warmth we have been dealing with. Temperatures will slowly warm again through the weekend and into the start of next week with highs back in the mid to upper 80s by Sunday and Monday.

That's right! You may have to head up the top of the mountain or GNP, to catch a snow flake. But, after the last few weeks we have had, it may be worth the trip.

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