What Are They Building off Highway 93 South?

It’s going to be BIGish!  New construction on what used to be an open lot off Highway 93 South between Fred's Appliance store and Transolution Lane in Missoula has begun.

From The Looks of Things, it's Moving Right Along

Just the other side of the Bitterroot trail walking path some serious dirt work has been happening for several weeks, and by that I mean dump trucks, excavators, and graders have been at work on the lot leveling things out. I think this photo of machinery is quite "Artsy."  

Photo Credit Brian Lee the Dance

Asking some people over the weekend coming from the appliance store what they thought it was going to be, one thought it looked like it was the beginnings of a Mini Mall. Another said it was looking like a warehouse development. 

Buckhouse Lane ending into gravel now.
Buckhouse Lane ends into gravel now.

From our social media pages.

We asked the question and had a few replies.

While I was taking a few pictures from the parking lot, I saw someone who was standing by the side of their pickup off the road looking over at the construction site. I wandered over and asked him if he was working on the project. He said he did work in construction (I have a good eye for that) but no, he was not involved with that project. Also, he had no idea what it was either. He was just having a smoke while his wife shopped at one of the stores. But conjecturing thought it looked like it might be storage units.

The Dirt Mound takes on the Mountain Backdrop

Photo Credit Brian Lee Mountain Shadow
Photo Credit Brian Lee Mountain Shadow

We'll find out soon enough what will be our town's newest edition.

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