The minimum wage vs the cost of living in Montana is a pretty far gap, but at least you can't fired for no reason here. And we are the only state with that right.

Did you know in all other 49 states you can be let go from your job without any cause? Imagine showing up to work and your boss hands you your walking papers with no explanation. It's a reality many hard working folks across the U.S have faced and will continue to face.

Montana is a the only state that is not an "at-will employment" state. We have what is a called a "good cause" standard for firing employees. Here is the catch, however. Unless otherwise specified your employer can put you on a twelve month probation period where they can let you go without cause. It seems like a very long probationary period to me, but after the year, they have to give you a good reason to let you go. In that twelve months they (your employer) is given "broad discretion" for termination also. Basically what that means is they need to have a reason, but it can almost be for anything they want. If you show up late one time for a shift, they could definitely fire you.

Your employer can however enforce different rules like mandatory union membership and union dues.

It might seem like a small thing in the big scheme of Montana employment, but at least it's a little better than all other 49 states. I've worked all over the U.S and have seen this happen a few times. It's sad and scary when they let a hard working employee go without cause.

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