The Fall semester hasn't even begun at the University of Montana and Missoulians can already feel the energy of having the college students back. The controlled chaos of move-in day is challenging yet invigorating. As great as the vibe is here in the summer, Missoula is a college town and we're truly ourselves only when we're reunited with our other half. That said, the Griz kids DO keep Missoula weird, so you might hear some strange phrases if you take a stroll through campus. Here are some examples.

... And that's how I found out why you shouldn't enter a room with a sock on the door handle.

There are some things you learn in college that you won't find in a textbook. Pro tip: if you see a sock on a door handle— do NOT go in there.

I thought people would be riding horses.

Students from less rural states might have the wrong idea about how Montanans live these days. I have personally encountered people who think we're all cowboys and ride horses everywhere. If only, right? Yeehaw! They also might be confused that it's not snowing 24/7 but they'll learn that seasons are a thing, even here.

Do you know where the GOOD bathrooms are?

This is an essential question for George Costanza fans, or really anyone. If you're curious, check out this article from The Montana Kaimin. The article is a bit dated, but it should help you in a pinch (pun intended).

Whoaaaa, there's a black bear!

The hip strip bear was spotted on campus again and we have some theories on what he's up to.

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