What's the perfect summer cocktail you ask? May I suggest the margarita? This versatile drink pairs well with a hot summer evening with friends, food, and a festival. That's why we're excited to see the Northwest Margarita Festival is back this year, and it's bigger and better.

On July 9th, Caras Park here in Missoula will be taken over with tons of different tequilas and mescals. They are even doubling their bartending this staff so you won't have to wait in line due to the increased event popularity. Of course, you can't have a Margarita without a taco, so you bet there will be trucks on hand as well.

Kris Moon and Mark Myriad will get you dancing with live DJ sets as well. These guys rock the Badlander almost every weekend, and they are on point. After everyone has a few drinks, just watch that dancefloor fill up, and get your Snapchat ready.

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While the traditional margarita isn't an especially difficult drink to make, you can definitely put your own spin on it. Think Jalapeno, peach, mint, habanero, and much more. This year I'm hoping their cocktail comes up with a few new, creative margarita variations. I'm always stoked for something new especially when it involves tequila. They will host a margarita contest as well. I don't know how to become a judge, but you bet I'm going to find out. Here are the full details for the festival

When: Saturday, July 9th, 1-8 pm

Cost: $20 for the cup and 3 drink tokens ($10 for three additional drink tokens)

This is an all-ages event as well.

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