Just loading a normal haul of posts. As a career self-employed trucker, it's as routine as it gets. And then it's not.

We received word from the community of Plains, Montana, about the life-changing ordeal that truck driver Steve Blanchard is currently facing. And as small-town communities do, the people of Plains are answering the bell with Steve in his fight to survive.

It was last Friday afternoon (August 12). Steve's son, Dustin Blanchard, says that Steve was strapping down a section of his post load, when it suddenly gave way and fell off the trailer and crushed him. As the load collapsed, it not only buried Steve, but thrust him under the trailer, as well.

Those nearby contacted the hospital in Plains and we was rushed to Emergency. Doctors revealed that Steve suffered:

- A shattered femur and fractured tibia.

-A compound fracture above his right ankle.

-A fractured C7 vertebrae.

-Two fractured ribs.

-An injury to the top of his head, probably the result of him hitting his trailer as the posts came down on him.

There may be other as yet-to-be-determined injuries. Steve has since been transported to Missoula and is under the care of St. Patrick's Hospital. Via Facebook, the Blanchards wanted to extend their gratitude to "the EMTs, nurses, physicians and doctors in Plains for stabilizing Dad and providing him comfort until he was able to be transported."

Steve Blanchard is described by his son as, "a workhorse his whole life and has always been there for anybody that's ever needed him for anything without batting an eye or without ever asking for anything in return." As a self-employed truck driver unable to work, the devastation to his livelihood with enormous medical bills is staggering.

Thanks to our friends at GoFundMe for sharing this with us. It just seemed like the kind of story compassionate, caring Montanans would want to know about, and we are honored to share it with you. Steve's GoFundMe info page can be found here.

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