The 1966 musical Cabaret has a song called "Money Money" which is likely the origin of the phrase "money makes the world go 'round." Though in the year 2022, I'd argue that it's actually emojis that make the world go 'round. I can feel you doubting that, so let me explain myself.

Emojis are crucial in the world of texting, which is how most communication is done these days. If someone texts me "please pick up booze on your way here." I immediately assume that I've done something to anger that person, and now they hate my guts. But if I get the message "please pick up booze on your way here 🙏🍻" I can totally feel their appreciation. Not to mention that seduction would be impossible in today's world without this lil guy 😉.

Emojis are sacred in Montana the same way they are everywhere else, and according to this article from Business Insider, which used data from the online home-improvement service ImproveNet, Montana's most-used emoji is 😂, which is the most popular emoji. There are some emojis we use more than anyone else, and I'm sad to say that 😭 is one of them. I hope it's usually used in contexts like this: "there's a doe and her baby in our yard rn 😭" or "the sunset is so beautiful I can't even 😭"

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Another article from Business Insider, which used data from the makers of a keyboard app SwiftKey, has each state's "most beloved" emoji— ours is 🎣, which is either because we love fishing or because good times in Montana are so easy to reel in.

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