If you had to think of the most popular vehicle in Montana, you would probably lean towards an F-150 or Ram 1500. But, in all fairness, the vehicle of choice for many Montanans is a Subaru Outback. You cannot throw a rock in Missoula without hitting a Subaru. But, have you ever heard of a Su-Bear-Ru?

No, it is not the latest line of cars built for Montanans. But, it is an actual thing for one Montana couple. A couple in Red Lodge recently had their Subaru broken into by a sow black bear with cubs. The bear got inside the vehicle, only to have the door close behind her. She spent the better part of the night in the car trying to escape. Tearing the interior of the car to shreds.

According to KTVQ

“It was there from a little after eleven at night to almost seven in the morning," Red Lodge resident Mike Pilati said Thursday. "Every once in a while you'd hear a crunch. I thought it had a garbage can it was chomping on or something. But it was my car it was crunching up," Mike said.



While waiting for the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks to come to rescue the bear, the owner of the vehicle decided to try and open the door with a stick. He successfully did, and the bear was reunited with her cubs. But the damage to the vehicle's interior was extensive.

The couple jokingly calls the damaged SUV the "Su-BEAR-Ru." We bet that was an interesting call to the insurance company.

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