Need a little Montana road trip to check out your new favorite "middle of nowhere" bar and restaurant? THIS is the guide for you. There's nothing better than discovering excellent food, along with a cool bar vibe - somewhere very rural and out of town. Montana is lucky to have many of these fine establishments, so let's check out some of the best.

The Knotty Nymph bar and restaurant in Conner, Montana
Knotty Nymph in Conner, MT - Google Maps

Some of these off-the-beaten-path joints depend on road warrior tourists, yet others are hyper local establishments that are rural community hubs. All of the Montana businesses listed here aren't just good at what they do, they have distinct personalities.

Finding the best small-town (or way out of town) joints happens only two ways: you either stumble upon them when you're on the road, or someone tells you about one. Unless you make a point of driving through every corner of Montana, there's no way you'd find them all.

As an added bonus, some of these rural bars and restaurants offer even more - a couple of them have accommodations on the property or super close by. That makes it easy to make the adventure an overnight. Often these places have live music and regular theme nights.


People rave about these Montana gems, and we definitely added a few of our personal favorites. (As always, NOBODY can pay to be on these lists. They don't know they're on the list until it's published. And I do not have a personal relationship with any of the business owners.)

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Fort Peck Hotel, Restaurant and Bar in Fort Peck, Montana
Fort Peck Hotel, Restaurant and Bar - Facebook
  • "We both agreed this was the best meal we’ve ever had, not just in the Bitterroot but in our whole lives. You’re definitely missing out if you’ve never stopped at this little gem."
  • "This remote restaurant has amazing 5 star reviews. So we drive a little bit more to have dinner here. The food is great and prices are good."
  • "Absolutely love this place. Came here on a Tuesday evening for their steak special and it did not disappoint. Came with very nice salad and perfect baked potato."
  • "We were on our way to Ennis and we stopped because we were really hungry. It was the best decision of the day! Excellent fresh food and the service was outstanding. We enjoyed the live music while we ate."

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