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This time we embrace debate between the faux critics of Yelp and the interesting folks of Reddit. Today's question:

What's the best burger in Missoula?

A Redditor posted today "I want a really good hamburger, where should I go? Best overall or best for the price."

Reddit chimed in, Yelp has its rankings, so let's compare and contrast to find out what the best hamburger in Missoula is.

Generic, delicious burger... Cred: Amirali Mirhashemian via Unsplash
Generic, delicious burger... Cred: Amirali Mirhashemian via Unsplash

Reddit and Yelp disagree on...

The biggest difference I discovered was Yelp appreciated The Trough and Mo Club more than Redditors. The Trough had a glowing 4.3 stars, the 3rd highest-rated burger on Yelp, and received some incredible reviews.

Best burger in Missoula. I've tried almost every spot and this is consistently the best. Burger is perfect, fries are exceptional, staff is friendly. - Daniel S. on Yelp

Reddit had just one comment regarding The Trough. Reddit also had only two comments on Mo Club and not many upvotes which is very surprising to me. This is where I think both websites missed out.

We need more love for Mo Club. Like, a lot more. Mo Club is such a simple, delicious, greasy stack of heaven. It was the first place I ate at when I moved to Missoula and still is my favorite burger in town.

On the flip side, Reddit had a few comments loving Union Club and Double K.

Union Club is severely underrated. -MontanaTillIDie on Reddit.

Meanwhile on Yelp, Union Club and Double K don't appear on the "best burgers in Missoula" list.

Reddit and Yelp agree on...

Wally & Buck grilling one of the finest burgers around. A plethora of Redditors praised Wally & Buck's burgers, including a user named Global_Chaos (does this person want global chaos? We'll never know...) who said "If Wally and Buck had hand-cut fries, they would be unbeatable." Yelp echoes the same sentiment. Wally & Buck is the highest-rated burger in town receiving 5 stars.

Finally made it into Wally & Buck and enjoyed one of the best burger & fries I've had in a long time - Kevin B on Yelp

Reddit was extremely high on Flipper's burgers. Just like Wally & Buck, Flipper's received a ton of comments on Reddit as the best spot for a burger.

The flippers patty melt is my fav burger in town. With tots. ' Fine-Caterpillar3522 on Reddit

Yelp's "About the business" on Flippers says it's "Known by many as the home of Missoula's best burger." Yelp does have a number of 1-star reviews on Flipper's, but that's more about the atmosphere and service... not so much about the burgers.

Miller Creek Cafe was a crowd favorite on both platforms, as well. Yelp rates it at a 4.5, only trailing Wally & Buck.

Fantastic burgers! -MarkandWendy C. on Yelp


Miller Creek Cafe. Burgers are soooo juicy. -wmartin428 on Reddit

There's been a lot of positivity so far, but Reddit and Yelp both agreed on some hated burgers to splash some negativity in the conversation.

It was mostly chains that got downvoted and reviewed negatively on both sites. Wendy's, Five Guys, and Frugals received 3.4-star reviews or less on Yelp, while Wendy's and Frugals each got downvoted on Reddit.

*Whispers... I actually like Wendy's and Five Guys.

Let us know your thoughts. What's your favorite burger in Missoula? Least favorite?

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