Ok, I thought Griz Football's new Black Out tradition was going to be a massive hit with Griz Nation. I was expecting a bunch of "can't wait for the black out game," or "wow! The black out is going to look sooooo sick" responses. Instead, we received a very mixed bag of responses.

Sure, some people were ecstatic about it, but there were some who appeared to despise the idea. Either way, the Facebook comments were exploding. Here's what Griz Nation had to say about the black out on September 16 against Ferris State.

You can vote on your favorite "Color Out" theme at the bottom of this article. 

That's a no from me, dawg

Hertha was one of those who isn't anticipating the black out game.

I think it's a really dump idea! I am not a fan of it.

(Typos be damned, she meant to say dumb idea... I think.)

Nancy wants to stick to "traditional football," and says we should "leave this other BS in darkness away from view."

Brandon brings up what it's going to look like on television.

It will look like no one is in the stands on TV since it's a night game.

Hopefully, the lights at Washington-Grizzly Stadium will illuminate the crowd enough, but I'm also a fan of the black out gimmick, so I'm hoping it looks sweet. As long as it doesn't look like Super Bowl XLVII when the lights shut off.

Jamie, Squire Getty Images
Jamie Squire Getty Images

How about some positivity?

Jacqueline had my favorite response out of everybody.

"I personally cannot wait to see what it looks like on TV! Go Griz (bear emoji, heart emoji).

That's what I'm talking about, Jacqueline. Bring that positive attitude into your work week, alright?

Brandon doesn't even care what Griz Nation looks like on TV. He knows they'll be noisy, which is what counts the most.

but you'll sure hear us!!! GO GRIZ!!!!!

Cory on Facebook thinks there is a tactical advantage, too, saying "Huge advantage when trying to hide the ball with PA,'s."

We've seen the positive, we've seen the negative on this year's black out. Now it's time to vote. What is your favorite "Color Out" gimmick to do?

Vote with the link below and let us know what you think.

By the way, we are 19 days away from the opener VS Butler. Go Griz. 

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