In what we are pretty sure is a first, the dogs and cats got a Tuesday off to make way for a bunny rabbit!

It was another Take Me Home Tuesday at our radio station studios, sponsored by our animal-loving friends at Paul's Pancake Parlor in Missoula. Janet from the Humane Society of Western Montana introduced us to Theo.

animals for adoption in missoula montana
Image courtesy of HSWM


Janet thinks Theo likely got away from a home where he was well cared for, given his manners and the fact that he knows his way around the litter box. Some concerned folks saw Theo being chased by dogs and were able to round him up and take him to the shelter. He is a very friendly 5-month-old rabbit waiting for a forever home.

animals for adoption in missoula montana
Image courtesy of HSWM


Janet wanted people to know that among the dogs waiting for adoption is Zelda, a charming and beautiful 2-year-old German Shepherd. While not the best around other dogs, she is very friendly and gentle around people. Be sure to visit her, along with the other dogs waiting for homes. And there is also a new litter of adorable 8-week-old kittens that just arrived.


For those of you who like to donate food and supplies to the shelter, but find it just a little bit out of the way, they have partnered with two Missoula businesses who now have donation boxes at their locations: Petco at 3662 Brooks Street in the South Crossing complex and Denny Menholdt University Honda, 3600 South Reserve Street, at Brooks and Reserve. 

To meet Theo and see all the other wonderful animals waiting for adoption, just hop on over to the Humane Society of Western Montana Wednesdays - Sundays, 1:00 - 6:00 p.m. They are located at 5930 U.S. Highway 93 South. And great galleries of the animals looking for forever homes can be seen here.

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