Run free, my large, furry friends.

It's nice to see animals released into the wild on purpose instead of a gargantuan animal accidentally escaping in Butte...

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Or a wild animal forcing a sheltered-in-place in Helena...

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Order has been restored with a group of bison released into the wild with the Blackfeet Nation. This is a great story for animal lovers. The Oakland Zoo (For clarification: Oakland, California) shipped 14 bison off for Montana yesterday according to their Instagram page.


The handlers and the bison drove straight through as it was safer for the animals to truck continuously. An individual questioned how the bison tolerated the long ride on the Zoo's Instagram page. The Oakland Zoo replied saying they don't mind it with their fellow bison.

"Herd animals find comfort in groups... being by yourself is more alarming than being stuck together for an extended period of time," commented the Oakland Zoo

We're happy to report that after a 19-hour drive, according to the Oakland Zoo, the bison made it to Montana and are ready to settle down. 


"They made it! 14 bison arrived safe and sound to Montana and are now in the care of the Blackfeet Nation, where they are helping replenish the bison population, which was driven nearly to extinction but is now growing again."

This has been an ongoing effort for the Oakland Zoo. Their Instagram page stated they have moved 38 bison to Montana.

What an amazing feel-good story.

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