Hoisting a gold medal may be a heavier task than some of those barbells, but here's hoping our Montana gal is up to the task.

A super proud mom let us know that her daughter has already overcome some strong competition. And her reward is a huge stage next month.

Dana Young tells us that her daughter, Izze, from Frenchtown, has qualified for the USA Olympic Youth Weightlifting Nationals in Pennsylvania in June. Izze earned her spot in the national competition to be held in Pittsburgh, winning a major regional competition, while setting six personal records in the process.

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Image courtesy of Dana Young

To achieve this milestone, Izze and her dedicated coach Paul have put their hearts and souls into her passion for weightlifting, pouring countless hours into training, honing her skills, and pushing herself to new heights. Not only did she win the regional, she followed it up with another tournament the following weekend, meeting personal records. All that hard work has led to her representing Sinclair Strength and Montana on the national stage.

For her part, Izze says it's all about competing against herself, bettering herself, and lifting better than she did the day before. She is also the kind of person who readily supports others around her, cheering them on and celebrating their individual accomplishments as much as she celebrates her own.

As with most endeavors of this magnitude, there are significant financial hurdles to overcome. That includes competition fees, travel expenses, accommodations and equipment costs. If you would like to find out more about Izze's journey and/or to help with competition expenses, you can do that here.

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