Montana has always been known for its job opportunities, and for extending those options beyond traditional gender roles. Just think of how ground-breaking it was for the state to elect Jeanette Rankin as the first woman in Congress, four years BEFORE the 19th Amendment.

But what about if you're a stay-at-home girl trapped in a boring inside job when you'd rather be outside enjoying the great outdoors Montana is known for?

That's where Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks offers a career that does just that.

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While traditionally you might think of handsome men in those FWP Game Warden uniforms, there are actually a number of "women wardens" who also work across the state.

And you could join their ranks

FWP's Law Enforcement Division is holding its first-ever "Women's Warden Workshop" on September 16th at Montana WILD in Helena. The workshop is open to anyone 16 and older who is interested in becoming a warden. So it presents an opportunity for not only women wanting to change careers but younger women who are just entering full-time work.

Montana FWP photo
Montana FWP photo

The workshop will answer your questions

If you go to the workshop you'll learn more about what a warden does every day, which is an interesting and varied assignment. You could be investigating a poaching case, helping to corral a trouble-making bear, asking sportsmen's questions, helping local law enforcement, keeping people safe and even teaching a class.

Montana FWP photo
Montana FWP photo

The workshop will cover the process of becoming a warden and opportunities to meet FWP's female wardens who are already on the job. There will be presentations of cases, mock investigations, and some opportunities to ride along with a warden.

Registration isn't required. Montana WILD is FWP's outdoor education center in Helena. Anyone who is interested in becoming a warden, but can't make the workshop is welcome to contact Warden Brooke Shelly by email. 

For more information about FWP's Law Enforcement Division click here.

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