When I think about my work history, I realize I may be somewhat of an anomaly, not only because of the varied jobs I've had (I worked in healthcare and academia before I worked in media). At a time when still, many positions of leadership in industries across the country are held by men, I have actually had more female managers than male. Can you say the same? I haven't met many people where that was the case. I'm grateful to the women who mentored me in my professional career, which is why I wanted to "pay it forward" during Women's History Month and highlight some of the businesses owned by women in Missoula.

Here's the great part: this couldn't possibly be an exhaustive list. I'm confident I'm missing tons of businesses that are owned by women, and this is what's wonderful about the creator economy. It has opened doors for women and other marginalized groups to become entrepreneurs.

I'm also grateful to the businesses and nonprofit organizations in Missoula, women-owned or otherwise, that find ways to support women. For example, The Roxy is featuring films by female directors this month, and the YWCA is a crucial program for empowering women all year long.

I asked around and these are the businesses people wanted to call out that are owned by women. If you know of a woman-owned business you'd like to add to the list, message us on the app. 

Cakes in the Zoo

Canvas Studios

Betty's Divine

The Glow Esthetic LLC

Hue Salon

Indigenous Made Missoula

KINDRED skin + sole

Missoula Makers Market

Missoula Used Furniture

Montana Stillwater Health

MorTan Inc.-The Morgan Lens

Noteworthy Paper & Press

ReStyle Clothing Exchange


Veera Donuts

The Vespiary Bookstore & Bindery

VRTX Fitness

Whole Body Wellness Collective


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