There's a growing body of research that supports the idea that having a gratitude practice is good for your health. Studies also suggest that gratitude can make you happier. But what about luck? Yep, there are studies on that too, and according to the Greater Good Magazine from Berkeley, "Viewing yourself as lucky, the researchers suggest, can be considered a variant of optimism or gratitude that breeds hope, self-acceptance, connection, and other positive experiences."

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So, if thinking you're lucky is comparable to feeling gratitude, and gratitude is good for your health, well then here's an exercise to make you feel good.

Here are nine reasons why we should all feel lucky to live in Montana.

Living at High Elevations Can Be Good for Your Health

A new study reported by says that living at higher elevations could be good for keeping metabolic disease at bay. Montana has plenty of towns with high elevations that could provide the same benefit.

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Montana Has Lower Taxes Than A Lot of Places

Montanans love to complain about taxes, but maybe we should focus on how lucky we feel that Montana is third lowest for its tax rate. 

Montana Has No Sales Tax

Think of all the money you're saving every time you buy something. Sure, you'll tell me, but our property taxes! Yes, we pay a lot in property taxes. But we're lucky to not have to pay sales tax, too.

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Montana Has Very Pretty Views

How many screensavers and desktop pictures do you think Montanans have of places they've been to in our great state? I'm guessing, a lot of them. Who needs a stock picture of a beach when you can look at Mount Sentinel, or the Beartooth Mountains, or the Gallatin Range?

There's a lot of Public Land in Montana

Like, a lot of public lands, 30 million acres worth, according to Montana, Fish, Wildlife and Parks. And while Montana doesn't have the most public land in the country, it still has more public land than a lot of states.

You Share the State with the One and Only, KC

He wanted me to say that. But he's pretty rad, so you're lucky.

The Golden Triangle Doesn't Have to Do with Agriculture After All

It seems like there's a bar, casino, or church on almost every corner, that's a golden triangle, for sure. Better than high rises and factories, anyway.

You Can See Wildlife Almost Any Time You Want

From urban deer to bison that cause traffic jams, bears in your garbage cans or snakes in your basement, there are plenty of critters that Montanas get to see on a regular basis.

Less Traffic (Even If It Doesn't Feel Like It)

Unless there's a semi-truck jack-knifed across the interstate, Montanas don't sit for hours on the interstate because of traffic jams. Even in the cities, you can get to most places in about 20 minutes (give or take). Montana is actually ranked third by Wallethub for best traffic and infrastructure.

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