It's no secret that longtime Montanans have been trying to get rid of transplants. From trolling people online (and btw, I'm not from, nor have I ever lived in California) to drawing messages in the dust of vehicles with out-of-state license plates, Montanans have been pretty vocal about wanting to keep Montana "Montana."

Well, there might be an easy way to tell if you're Montanan enough to live here.

We tried to figure out how Missoula a person is with this Missoula-themed Bingo Game be we found that it was hard for anyone, even born and raised Missoulians, to win this one.

So instead of deciding whether you're a full Montanan or not, let's consider to what degree you act like a Montanan. Think of this like one of those personality games in a magazine, or a BuzzFeed quiz, except this quiz has only one question:

How Would You React to This Picture?

Sure, you may have had your own reaction, but we came up with a few that might tell you how Montanan you are. Here are some reactions on a scale of "Very Montanan" to "Not Very Montanan."

Very Montanan

"Look, two meals in one!"

Imagine catching this situation on the end of your hook.

Montana Enough


When you spend enough time outdoors, this kind of thing doesn't phase you.

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Just Montanan

"It is what it is."

It's what Montanans say when they see anything.

Somewhat Montanan

"That's nature, I guess."

It might phase you a little bit, but not much. Mostly, you're glad that the snake is too busy to notice you.

Not Very Montanan

"Save the poor fish!" or "I'm a vegetarian now."

You don't have to like snakes, but a snake's gotta eat too.

For what it's worth, Black Coffee's reaction to the photo is pretty Montanan.

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