The pandemic was tough on a lot of businesses. In Montana there were businesses that were able to make it through the pandemic and continue. Other businesses weren't able to make it work and had to close their doors. One such business in Missoula was the Staggering Ox, located in the Russell Square. There are a lot people that still miss that Missoula restaurant. Not all locations of Staggering Ox closed, there are still locations in Helena, Butte and Billings.

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First Location in Montana

The space where the Staggering Ox was located has been empty for a few years, until recently. There are signs that a new restaurant is moving into that location and it looks like it will be opening soon. The restaurant that looks to be moving in is called Nautical Bowls, and according to their website, this may be their first location in Montana. They will be located at 1220 Southwest Higgins.

Nautical Bowls Serves "Superfood" Bowls

Nautical Bowls serves "Superfood" bowls "packed with vitamins". They are organic, all-natural, plant based, gluten free, dairy free and soy free. They have oatmeal, fruits, peanut butter, acai, and more. The restaurants also offer smoothies.

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Nautical Bowls Opening Soon

There are indicators that the business will be opening soon. The signs are up on the outside of the location, and they have a listing on Google. It looks like work is being done inside the store. For those that want simple, fresh, food that is packed with vitamins, this may be your stop when they officially open their new location in Missoula.

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