It's hard to think about snow when it's predicted to be 90 degrees later this week but we may have just gotten our first sign that the snow will soon be flying.

What Will Montana's Winter Be Like 2023-2024?

We've already consulted weather predictions for winter 2023-2024 and for Montana, it's looking like we may get some snow this fall, though it may melt by November. Other predictions indicate that snow could be epic in Montana this winter, which would obviously be ideal for the skiers, snowboarders, and snowmobilers out there. But if you're feeling antsy for snow and all the joy that comes with it, you may not have to travel to start your season. And this might bode well for an early season in Montana, too.

A Ski Area Near Montana Just Got Its First Snow

There's a ski resort in Idaho, roughly 6-7 hours away, that has already gotten its first snow of the season, and it may be one of the first ski areas to get snow in North America.

According to, the Pomerelle Ski Area reported some snow on their Facebook page on Monday, August 21. Pomerelle is in Albion, ID, and is a 6.5-7.5 hour drive from Missoula depending on whether you take I-15 S or I-90 E. The trail map features a fair number of green and blue trails, so it might not be the resort that hard-core skiers and snowboarders will flock to, but, snow is snow.

The Facebook post points out that their season passes will be going on sale on September 15. Keep an eye out for Missoula area ski areas, as their passes will be going on sale too, if they aren't already.

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