The temperatures across Montana are increasing and with that, fire danger is increasing along with it across the state. The fire danger level has increased in Missoula County recently to "High". With the heat we are also seeing the river temperatures on the rise and fishing restrictions starting to be put in place. We have a lot of summer left and it looks like the heat is going to be here for a while.

How to Track Montana's Fires

If you want to track the most up-to-date fire information, you can do so on the Montana Fire Information Website. According to Congressional Research Services most wildfires are human-caused, with 89% of the average number of wildfires from 2018-2022.  Right now according to the fire information 52% of fires in Montana are human-caused.

Fire Prevention Tips While Camping in Montana

The DNRC has been running public service announcements about tips to avoid starting fires. Montana residents have been hearing these tips for years, but with as many people we have who are visiting Montana and camping in our woods here are a couple reminders to help prevent forest fires.

  • Make sure all camp fires are out completely. The coals should be cold to the touch.
  • All towing chains need to be above the ground and not dragging on the ground. They can spark a fire. If the towing chains are too long, you can twist them until they are off the ground.
  • Don't smoke in tall dry grass.
  • Don't park your vehicle in tall dry grass.
  • Don't light off fireworks in the woods.
  • Pay attention to fire restrictions.

Montana Will be Fighting Fires Aggressively in 2023

Montana's Governor Greg Gianforte has stated that Montana will aggressively fight wildfires in 2023. Let's hope we can all do our part together to make sure there are less fires to fight. There is still a lot of fire season in Montana left. Smokey Bear did say it best when he said "Only you can prevent wild fires".

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