The University District neighborhood in Missoula may be one of its most varied. Large homes, small apartments, college sports, city band at the park--with all there is to do, aside from downtown, this may be one of Missoula's most active neighborhoods, too.

In this series, we'll take a look at information from the City of Missoula's Neighborhood Profiles for each of Missoula's Neighborhoods, with all data cited below coming from the Neighborhood Profile. In this article, we'll look at the University District Neighborhood.

Where is the University District Neighborhood?

The boundaries of the University District include South Higgins Avenue to the west, the Clark Fork River to the north, parts of Mount Sentinel to the east and just south of Dornblaser Field. Within those boundaries are Paxon Elementary School, Hellgate High School, the University of Montana, Toole and Bonner Parks, and the Kim Williams Trail.

Who Lives in the University District Neighborhood?

Given that the University is in this neighborhood, the largest demographic is people aged 15-24, with the second largest being 25-34. The data indicates that 100% of the population have a high school diploma or higher and that 69% have a bachelor's degree or higher.

Another population of note in this neighborhood is the bear population as bear sightings are frequently reported from the U of M campus (the real kind, not just Monte).

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What is Housing Like in the University District Neighborhood?

With so many students it's no surprise that 70% of households in the University District are renter-occupied. The neighborhood also accounts for only 7% of this city's housing units, though demand may be high as the median home price in 2022 was $726,874, more than $200,000 higher than the city's median home price.

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Key Feature of the University District Neighborhood: The M Trail

It's hard to pick just one key feature of the University District with it being home to multiple schools, parks, and notable geographic features. But one of the more popular features not only in the neighborhood but across the city of Missoula is the M Trail.

The M Trail on Mount Sentinel gives beautiful views of the Missoula Valley and offers a great training opportunity for athletes or an invigorating hike for enthusiasts. From the trail and the M you can even see hints of Glacial Lake Missoula around the valley. Learn about the history of the 'M' sculpture and how to support the continued management of the trail.

Don't forget to look at the M during football games and you'll see it beautifully lit against a dark sky.

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